Banquet and Conference Facilities

Bar-B-Q Garden/Pool Side: An exotic place surrounding by beautiful trees and the side of the swimming pool with Afghani music everyday from Mid May to Mid October from 6pm to 11pm with special Afghan Chupan Kabab (live) capacity for restaurant more than 600 persons and for wedding more than 1100 persons.

Room Details

Out Lets                               Banquets         Meeting & Reception   Location and Size

Ball Room 400 600 Lobby floors 4896 sqft
Foyer 140 200 Lobby floors 4896 sqft
Balkh Room 60 100 Lobby floors 4896 sqft
Panjsher 50 40 Lobby floors 4896 sqft
Pool Side 1100 1100 Garden 11.783 sqft
Pamir Restaurant 180 300 5th floor 2771 sqft

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