Inter-Continental, also known as Inter-Con, is a five-star hotel located in Karte Parwan, west of Kabul, Afghanistan. It is considered foreign. It was built in 1969 near Bagh Bala. This hotel has 200 rooms, a swimming pool, a sports club, a tennis playground, clean space with natural views, two restaurants, a coffee shop, and six halls for holding formal and informal gatherings for people.

The Intercontinental Hotel was built on April 8, 1967, in cooperation with the Intercontinental Hotel network by the English company Taylor Woodrow Construction Company, and on September 9, 1969, it was opened and put into operation by the honorable Zahir Shah. After Russia’s military intervention in Afghanistan, Intercontinental Hotels Global privileges have been taken back from the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel.

During the civil war in the 1990s, the hotel was damaged by paramilitary forces. In 1996, only 85 of the 200 rooms were habitable due to the vulnerability of the civil war. This was while Western journalists were widely used during the US attacks on Afghanistan in 2001, because this hotel was the only big hotel in the capital at that time. Later, the hotel was renovated again, and all the services and rooms of the Intercontinental Hotel were equipped with the equipment and facilities that a five-star hotel would have.

From 2005 to 2007, the fifth floor of the hotel was converted into offices by a company called Senlis Council.

All the employees of this support group from Europe, which later became the International Council Security Development (ICSD), lived in this hotel.

The 2018 attack on the Intercontinental Hotel caused huge financial losses to the hotel, and foreign departments, including the UN-USAID-GIZ departments, and other reputable foreign agencies, avoided sending guests and holding their programs in the Intercontinental Hotel, the Marketing Directorate of the Hotel Barceló said. Unfortunately, they have been contacted and asked to arrange programs in the hotel, but unfortunately, their answer is negative for now, but they have this opinion in relation to this: “If the security of the Intercontinental Hotel is surveyed by one of the reliable and reliable security companies, and through them, the security system of the hotel will be designed, after implementing their ideas, the security certificate for the hotel will be given by the security company, and as a result, the Intercontinental Hotel will be at the top of the priority list of foreign authorities. The hotel’s revenue is predicted as follows:

The Vision of the Intercontinental State Corporation:

Intercontinental State Company’s vision is to be the only and best 5-star hotel in Afghanistan, and in the long run, Intercontinental Hotel will be upgraded to 7 stars in terms of providing the best quality, fast, and clean services in order to have value in the hotel market.

The vision of the Intercontinental State Company is very simple, understandable, realistic, and attainable. It also allows the leadership of Intercontinental State Company to always evaluate all its activities in order to achieve the hotel’s vision and to achieve the hotel’s long-term goals in movement.

The Mission of the Intercontinental State Corporation:

The mission of Hotel Intercontinental is to provide the highest level of hotel and hospitality services in order to achieve the satisfaction and expectations of our guests. Our goal is to make Hotel Intercontinental the best place for meetings, business success, organizing pleasant meetings, and a place to remember. It is necessary to organize weddings and transform the Intercontinental Hotel area into the only tourist and commercial place with facilities and services of the highest international standards for the citizens of Kabul and all of Afghanistan and foreign guests who visit Afghanistan in the next 3 years.


No   Local Customers                                    Florigen Customers 

1        People                                                          People

2       Private organizations                               Governmental organizations

3       Families                                                        Families



Intercontinental State Company always aims to provide quality and timely services to its customers, so that after experiencing the hotel services, their dear guests will always choose Intercontinental and continue the custom of hospitality of Intercontinental Hotel with their friends. share and encourage them to use the services of the Intercontinental Hotel.

Intercontinental Hotel is at the service of its customers 24 hours a day in order to provide its quality services and facilities, which are noted below.

Types of services:

No        Service

1             Rooms

2             Restaurants

3             Coffee Shop

4             Swimming pool

5             Fitness Gym

6             Conference Hall

7             Banquet halls

8             Business center

9             Laundry

Rooms: Price (Low, Normal and Peak):

No     Type of Room            Low Price     Normal Price     Peak Price

1            Single room                      4000 AFN          6000 AFN              8000 AFN

2           Double room                    5000 AFN          7000 AFN              10,000 AFN

3           Room for 3 guests           6000 AFN         9000 AFN              12,000 AFN

4           Suite room                        10,000 AFN       15,000 AFN            20,000 AFN


Restaurant Buffete Service:

No        Type of Buffet       Low Price    Normal Price   Peak Price

1               Breakfast buffet          300 AFN           400 AFN                500 AFN

2              Lunch buffet                800 AFN           900 AFN                1100 AFN

3              Dinner buffet               1000 AFN          1100 AFN               1300 AFN

Coffee shop services:

The coffee shop of the state-owned Intercontinental Company is a relaxing place for customers to enjoy evening meals and sweets, order food, and organize small informal gatherings.


No       Hall Type                   Low Price                  Normal Price             Peak Price

1           Kandahar hall             75,000 AFN                 100,000 AFN                150,000 AFN

2          Bamyan hall                37,500 AFN                 50,000 AFN                  75,000 AFN

3          Pamir hall                    25,000 AFN                 40,000 AFN                 50,000 AFN

4          Balkh hall                    20,000 AFN                 30,000 AFN                  40,000 AFN

5          Kabul VIP hall             10,000 AFN                 15,000 AFN                   20,000 AFN

6          Panjshir hall                7500 AFN                    10,000 AFN                  15,000 AFN


For the time being, the services of the Intercontinental state company are only available inside the hotel, and for the time being, it does not have any other representation in Afghanistan.

Distribution channels:

Intercontinental Hotel customers can get their orders in two ways:

Register by calling and submitting physically from the hotel.

The service of transporting food from 10 to 1000 tons by the Intercontinental State Transport Company.

No     Products and services                     Unit         Daily services     Daily capacity   Remarks

1        Types of Afghan foods                           Per           1000                        3500                   According to menu

2        Types of international foods                Per           1000                        3000                   According to menu

3        Intercon special cake                            Kg             200                         500                     According to menu

4        Food providing service for offices     Per            2500                       4000                   According to menu

5        Food catering                                          Per           1000                        1500                   According to menu

6        Banquet services                                    Per            50-1000                 2500                   According to menu

7        Coffee shop services                              Per            300                         500                    According to menu

8        Event management services              Per            100-1000                5000                  According to menu

9        Bakery services                                       Kg             1-50                          300                    According to menu


113 memorandums of understanding have been signed with government and private organizations.

issuing a letter from the Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to all government departments to hold official programs and use the services and facilities of the Intercontinental State Company based on the proposal of the Intercontinental State Company

Awards and certificates:

Obtaining the stature of the top 10 products of Afghanistan

Obtaining a certificate from the Ministry of Information and Culture in the hotel sector

Communication Devices:

The communication equipment of the Intercontinental State Company is as follows:

  1. Telephone numbers: (0202562767) and (3033).

  2. sales@intercontinentalkabul.com/marketingd@intercontinentalkabul.com

  3. Intercontinental Kabul’s website: www.intercontinentalkabul.com

  4. www.facebook.com/intercontinentalkabul

  5. https://www.instagram.com/hotelintercontinentalkabul

  6. Interconkabul can be found on Twitter at www.twitter.com/interconkabul.

Feed Back:

In order to improve the capacity of the hotel and the food service, the commercial department of the state-owned Intercontinental Company has arranged a specific feedback at the end of each program for the guests to write their opinions about the hotel and the program.